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I'm Looking For A Few Good Voices

It has begun.

As of last week, I have begun recording for WHERE WOLF, a twelve-part fiction podcast series I wrote last year. With the script finished, I am spending 2021 producing the final product. My current timeline involves spending the first few months of this year getting all the dialog recorded and then Q2 and Q3 doing the post-production work needed to make the podcast sound like a million bucks (or at least a thousand).

Most of the major roles for WHERE WOLF have been cast with actors pulled from both friends and professionals whose work I greatly admire. The stuff I've heard so far sounds great and I can't wait to get more of this script recorded and edited. But there are still a few roles that need to cast.

I'm looking for a few good voices to fill the remaining parts for WHERE WOLF. If you have always dreamed of being a voice actor (or even better are currently a voice actor), this is your chance! Don't have a professional microphone? I can send one to you! Seriously, recording these parts will be a piece-of-cake. Please take a look at the remaining parts and, if you're interested, send me an email at robsaucedo2500@yahoo.com with the following:


The part you're interested in

Whether or not you have a professional microphone

A brief recording of your voice reading the small sample dialogue below each character listed


40s to 60s. Burned out hippie. Friendly, meek, perpetually stoned. Small role.

Sample dialog:

"Attention is a double-edged sword. Attention brings mockery. Beth doesn’t see this as a convention - she sees it as a party. A private one."

"I believe you. I really do. But this is Beth’s show. I’m just helping out. She paid the deposit on the hotel – out of her own money, too – and she’s done the lioness’ share of planning for the entire weekend. What she says goes."


40s to 50s. Chipper, overly extroverted. Gun-carrying theater kid that probably sports a well-oiled mustache. Must be able to tackle both comedy and drama. Relatively sizable role. Will take at least a few hours to record all dialog.

Sample dialog:

"Goodness! I’m afraid I’d not heard whispers of that nature. But, then again, I hit the sack as soon as I checked into my room last night. The drive from Austin isn’t a long one but it left me positively pooped nonetheless. You say somebody was mugged?"

"Look, I’m willing to follow your hypothetical. If the monster’s been picking out victims, you’re right - it does retain intelligence, maybe even aspects of its human personality. Have you considered the idea it’s not a werewolf, though?"


Female. 40s to 60s. Tough as shit. Talks like a hillbilly but she's the smartest person in any room she finds herself in. Must have excellent comedic timing. Relatively sizable role. Will take at least a few hours to record all dialog.

Sample dialog:

"Only one way to find out. But let’s not dwell on the what-ifs. What-ifs are messy. I’m not in the mood for messy right now. I just need a bit of information, and then you can be on your way."

"I trust you found it wasn’t too difficult to part ways with that information. Now, why don’t you keep that info choo-choo chugging along and tell me about the story you and Carlos

were working on?"


Female. 50s to 70s. Your basic Karen. Small role.

Sample dialog:

"The self-checkout line is for people with twenty items or less. It seems you have more than twenty items in your basket, son."

"You listen up you little piece of shit! You’re going to need to take that crap out your shopping cart now or get the fuck out of the line!"


Any age, any gender, any approach. You basically have a single line.

Sample dialog:

"Sorry, sonny boy, we sold the last bow to a couple of hog hunters about, oh, say, thirty minutes ago. We can put one on hold at another location if you’d like."


Female. Any age. You just need to meow.

Sample dialog:


That's it for now! There may be some more roles that pop up in the next few weeks and, if so, I'll update and reshare. Thanks for your interest!

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