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Updated: Apr 25

As I've talked about on this blog in the past, I've been working on a story called WHERE WOLF. I wrote it as a serialized novel last spring, I turned it into a podcast script last fall, and, recently, I have begun working on adapting it into a graphic novel with artist Debora Lancianese.

I'm very proud of the work on the graphic novel so far - I think folks are going to seriously dig it when it's ready to be shared - but graphic novels don't grow on trees. Paper does, but paper needs to be drawn on and artists need to be paid. Long story short - I am looking to fund this bad boy by selling some of the stuff I've been hoarding Smaug-like for too many years.

Collecting stuff is fun - selling that stuff to fund a creative project you believe in 100 percent, that's more fun.

I'm going to be updating this blog periodically to showcase some of the stuff I'm willing to part ways with in pursuit of bringing this graphic novel to life. If you're interested in any of these items, please shoot me an email at robsaucedo2500@yahoo.com. I'm happy to provide more information - and more pictures - of anything listed below. If you want to haggle, feel free to make me offers - just know that all the money raised in this firesale is going to make art so, by haggling, you're haggling against the creation of art so... yeah, that's on you man. Just kidding - haggle away.


Fantastic Fest 2009 Screen Print by Jon Vermilyea - $25, plus $10 shipping

GREMLINS Print by Phantom City Creative - $30, plus $10 shipping

FREAKS AND GEEKS + UNDECLARED Reunion by Phantom City Creative - $40, plus $10 shipping Scala Cinema Print by Graham Humphreys (signed and numbered) - $40, plus $10 shipping

All Doug TenNapel prints (Earthworm Jim, Bigfoot Bill, Neverhood) - $20, plus $10 shipping


I can combine shipping upon request. These are also available for local pick-up if you live in the Houston area.

THE DEVIL'S CANDY - Signed by Ethan Embry - $40, plus $10 for shipping THE FLORIDA PROJECT - Signed by cast and crew - $50, plus $10 for shipping

BLOOD & FLESH - Signed by the crew and some of the interview subjects - $25, plus $10 for shipping


I can combine shipping upon request. These are available for local pick-up if you live in the Houston area. GINOSAJI - THE HORRIBLY SLOW MURDERER - $20, plus $10 for shipping COMIN' AT YA 3-D (Drafthouse Films release) - $20, plus $10 for shipping

DOCUMENT OF THE DEAD Mini-Poster - $10, plus $5 for shipping

DEMONS 2 Mini-Poster - $10, plus $5 for shipping

EARTHWORM JIM / COWS poster (double sided) - $15, plus $10 for shipping

PARASITE poster (11 x 17) - $10, plus $5 shipping WIZARDS 2 concept art poster (11 x 17) - $20, plus $10 shipping


Derek Robertson original art (QUARANTINE COMIC)

This original piece of artwork from Derek Robertson (THE BOYS, THE PUNISHER) comes from a Kickstarter comic from 2020. It's available for $75, plus $15 to ship.

RATFIST pin-up by Skottie Young

This original pin-up by Scottie Young for the Image graphic novel Ratfist is available for $75, plus $15 to ship.

CREATURE TECH sketch by Doug TenNapel Sketch of Dr. Ong from CREATURE TECH by Doug TenNapel. $40, plus $30 to ship in the frame or $10 to ship out of the frame. If you're local in Houston and want to pick it up, you can have the frame for free.

CATSCRATCH Character Sketch by Doug TenNapel

Character sketch from the animated show CATSCRATCH. $25, plus $10 shipping.


This is an officially licensed Cheddar Goblin mask, as made famous by the Nicolas Cage movie MANDY. It's not really meant to be worn - but will look great on your shelf. It comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the mask's makers, as well as MANDY director Panos Cosmatos. Only fifty of these masks were made! I'll throw in a box of Cheddar Goblin and a mannequin head I bought to display the mask. I'm asking for $250 for local pick-up in Houston or $275 to ship it anywhere in the US.


These are original animation cells from the Ralph Bakshi masterpiece AMERICAN POP. They're available for $150 each or $225 for both, plus $20 to ship.


CREEPSHOW postcards by Alex Pardee

These postcard-sized prints are available for $20 each or $90 for all five, plus $10 shipping.

MS. 45 poster by Alice X. Zhang

Gorgeous poster released in conjunction with Death Waltz Records' soundtrack. Yours for $25, plus $10 for shipping.


Each of these awesome Jim Mahfood art prints is available for $25, plus $10 for shipping - or $65 for all three.


These posters came with Death Watz's records released. These are available for $20, plus $10 for shipping.

HALLOWEEN II by Brandon Schaefer


LET THE RIGHT ONE IN by Candice Tripp (signed by the artist) ZOMBIE FLESH EATERS by Graham Humphreys (signed by the artist) ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK by Jay Shaw (signed by the artist)

THEY LIVE by Gary Pullin ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 by Jay Shaw

SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE by Luke Insect FORBIDDEN WORLD by Kimberly Holladay ROOM 237 by Sam Smith THE DEVIL'S BUSINESS by Jay Shaw NEW YORK RIPPER by Nick Percival


THE ASPHYX Promo Poster - This promotional order promo from Paragon Pictures is a vintage catalog for theaters to order promotional material in support of the theatrical release of THE ASPHYX. It's yours for $20, plus $10 shipping.

Keep an eye out for more stuff to be listed soon.

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