• Robert Saucedo

Why does this site exist?

Ego? It has to have something to do with ego in order for somebody to feel the need to create an entire webpage dedicated to themselves, right? Yeah, it's probably ego.

I have always loved to write. When I was young I used to write fiction - short stories that were absolutely inspired by the comics, cartoons and books I was absorbing into my personality. When I was in high school, I wrote essays and manifestos and embarrassingly sincere love letters to girls who would rather have not received them. In college, it was ego that drove me to apply to the student newspaper to be a film critic. Surely the student body population of Texas A&M University in College Station needed to know what I thought of Eli Roth's CABIN FEVER, right?

After I graduated college I kept writing movie reviews. First it was for the Bryan/College Station Eagle and then for websites like Inside Pulse and Birth. Movies. Death. For a while there I thought that was the path I wanted to chase - to become a film blogger. I tried my best to break into the scene - befriending the most prominent and prolific of the current film bloggers via Twitter - but then I found my dream job. Working as a film programmer for the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, almost all of my writing nowadays is film related. I write showpages about movies, blogs about movies and social media posts about movies.

I can't really complain without sounding like an asshole, but ... I miss writing about anything other than movies. I miss writing fiction and I miss writing essays about my life or my viewpoints. I want to find my voice again. My ego demands I find my voice again.

About ten years ago I started a blog called "The Carrying On of a Wayward Son." I thought it was an immensely clever title at the time and - if I'm being honest - I still do. During those first few years of the blog, I challenged myself to try and write something every single day. Granted, most of my writing was about movies - but at least I was writing. This new edition of "The Carrying On of a Wayward Son" is my attempt to reignite that challenge. I'm not going to make any bold statement of intent to publish a daily post - I am busy and I am realistic. But I do want to write more frequently and I needed a place to post it. Thus, this site.

What am I going to write about? I don't know. I'm not a political guy so I'm not going to be sharing any political viewpoints. I might talk about my childhood (of what I can remember). I might talk about what I'm doing during my days when I'm not at work. I might chronicle my attempts to lose weight and get healthy. I might go off on rants about why I think flying on airplanes sucks. I'm going to try my best and not write about movies - I do that enough at work - but I might write about what specific movies mean to me and how they've affected my life. I'm going to write about what I damn well feel like writing about.

There will be typos.

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